Welcome! is the online notebook of me, Keith Gaughan. It’s here that I post up anything I write that others may find interesting, or useful, or neither. It’s fair to say that what you’ll find here is an ad-hoc mess of half-baked ideas, barely functional software, random thoughts, and the odd semblance of a clue.

I keep a weblog here, but after I rewrote the code powering this site, it became more of a tumblelog. Whenever I find something interesting, or post something notable here, I post a link to it there. I also use it for short notes.

The site is a work in progress, and most likely always will be. The design is far from complete, there’s still plenty that needs doing to the site engine, and I’m still in the process of moving content from my old site into this new one. It might take a while, a long, long while…

Created at 1:45 UTC on March 10th, 2009 and last modified at 20:48 UTC on November 18th, 2012