Latest inklings

Contaminate AWS instances on ssh login

to;Dr: if somebody logs into an instance, tag it as ‘contaminated’ so you can detect instances with possible configuration drift and kick off additional automation.

Principles of Algorithmic Problem Solving

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, vol. 1-5

I hope this is legit.

Introducing Thanos: Prometheus at Scale

Builds on Prometheus to avoid aggregating metrics into a central store.

The repo is here.

How to Fall Asleep in 120 Seconds

Worth a try, at least.

There’s RC2014 Life In The TMS9918A Display Chip Yet

The RC2014 is a nifty Z80-based modular homebrew machine. With a rc9918 card, it can run MSX and ColecoVision software.

How to Do 90% of What Plugins Do (With Just Vim)

Loom (or, how Brian Moriarty Proved That Less is Sometimes More)

Learning Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists

Also, the accompanying git repo.

Type-Driven Development with Idris

For if I ever get a chance to learn Idris.

Kiwi - a 68k Homebrew Computer

PureScript by Example

If I ever do any client-side development again, PureScript looks interesting.

Linear types make performance more predictable


OBNC is a compiler for Niklaus Wirth’s programming language Oberon. It implements the latest version of the language from 2016. OBNC translates source code written in Oberon to the lower-level programming language C. The translated code is then compiled and linked with the C compiler and linker of the host operating system. The build command obnc performs all these tasks and keeps track of which files need to be compiled or recompiled.


A new replacement of the MOS6581 and MOS8580 used in the Commodore C64.


A tool for creating swatches.

Color Trends + Palettes :: COLOURlovers

STOMP Protocol Specification, Version 1.2

Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificates, and automated DNS verification

This is a good idea, and kind of obvious in retrospect. The same technique could be used for DANE TLSA records.


A C64 port of Luftrausers.

How to do an Nginx redirect

Has some cute hacks using the maps module.

Reference variables in Ansible YAML

I always forget that this is a thing in YAML.

C64 S-Video cable – the easy way, and with no SCART

For when I’ve time (and a soldering iron). This is basically the first step in making my C64 usable again, as I’ve no way currently to plug it into a more modern TV or monitor.

shoelace.css: a back to the basics CSS starter kit


Placebo allows you to mock boto3 calls that look just like normal calls but actually have no effect at all. It does this by allowing you to record a set of calls and save them to a data file and then replay those calls later (e.g. in a unit test) without ever hitting the AWS endpoints.

Jenkins: Making your own DSL with plugins, written in Pipeline script

Fundamentals of an Enterprise Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) System

Joe Armstrong interviews Alan Kay at Code Mesh 2016

Even if you’ve no interest in the computing part of this, this is very much worth watching.

Gorilla: A fast, scalable, in-memory time series database

Writing an SNMP agent with a custom MIB using pysnmp

HP Microserver Gen8 Drive Bracket and other mods

This would be nice as an alternative to running NAS4Free off of an SD card, and would make switching over to using ZFS on my Microserver a bit more realistic.


A pretty sweet monospace font. Going to try it out, and it might even replace the fantastic Inconsolata, especially given its rather nice support for punctuation ligatures.

Children of the Miracle: from Algol to Prolog

Use xhyve for development

Didn’t quite get this to work, but I’ll give it anothe try later.

The Problem with the Ticket Industry

A Skip List for Multicore

Building FreeBSD for ARM64

What interests me here is possibly installing it on the Raspberry Pi 3.

Gitless: a version control system

Gitless is an experimental version control system built on top of Git. Many people complain that Git is hard to use. We think the problem lies deeper than the user interface, in the concepts underlying Git. Gitless is an experiment to see what happens if you put a simple veneer on an app that changes the underlying concepts. Because Gitless is implemented on top of Git (could be considered what Git pros call a “porcelain” of Git), you can always fall back on Git. And of course your coworkers you share a repo with need never know that you’re not a Git aficionado.

abc notation tutorial

I was looking for some way of quickly dashing out melodies on the command line for playback similar to the old PLAY statement in GW-BASIC, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like that.

The closest I’ve been able to come to is using abcMIDI to accept a melody in abc notation and generate a MIDI file, and then having timidity play it back.

That means I have to learn abc notation.

MarkeyJester’s Motorola 68000 Beginner’s Tutorial

Ah, memories! Recall writing a simple emulator for a subset of the 68000 instruction set once upon a time. Certainly one of the less sucky 16-bit processors.