DCOM3 college notes

This was all written ages back for some friends of mine at college. I don’t think it’ll be of much interest to anybody else now, but there’s no sense in taking it down.

So you want decent Distributed Systems notes? Well, you’re in the right place. Here’s whatever I’ve written so far. It’s all in PDF format so you’ll need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to read them. Have fun!

The sockets notes aren’t completely finished—the section on non-blocking sockets and asynchronous I/O still needs to be finished. Except for that, they’re pretty darned well done. I don’t think I’ll cover that though until after the exams, at which time I’ll probably be rewriting the sockets notes from scratch anyway.

Note: not that it impacts on the usefulness of the notes, but they contain a lot of in-jokes that you might only get if you’ve read them all. Still, if you haven’t, shame on you!

Links to other people’s stuff

There’s a huge collection of free books on, including:

Also, take a look at the Open Book Project, ePaperPress and the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures. All good stuff.

Created at 23:49 UTC on October 22nd, 2009