The Weave

Back when I was a teenager, I got involved in constructed languages. I’m not sure exactly how it happened that I started fiddling around with a constructed language, but what I do remember is that it came out an idea I had in my head for a story, or rather a universe to set the story in, and key to that was something I called The Weave.

The Weave refers to a quasi-metaphysical construct common to worlds within the metaseries. Like how cloth is woven, The Weave consists of ordinary people, the Warp who are capable of true free will, and the Weft, souls whose purpose is to hold the weave together, recurring in different bodies over time. While they are conscious beings with free will, their actions are constrained because they partially experience the flow of time backwards, thus making them predestined to act to preserve the Weave. As such, those who are part of the Weft can be thought of as liminal beings; the actions of the Weft sometimes the stuff of legends, but often seemingly mundane, but with important rippling effects on the greater world. But at it’s core were the resolution of the conflict between free will and pre-destination, as well as the the heroism of small actions.

I was stopped in my tracks when I heard about Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series, which was, in my estimation too close to the ideas I had for the Weave. Like Eretas and the Porteressia, I may restart work on this some day.

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