The software that powers is called Shibumi. It’s a small wiki-like content management system written especially for the site. It was written in PHP on top of AFK, a fairly small PHP web application development framework I’ve been developing for some years now. The whole thing might be rewritten in Python if I get the urge. All the site’s text written in Markdown and formatted using Michel Fortin’s PHP Markdown and PHP SmartyPants libraries.

Because I think that anybody who hasn’t taken the time to do a decent print-friendly stylesheet just isn’t being nice, this site has one, and so should yours. It’s not hard, so do it!

The core code was first developed on February 14th, 2009. I’d grown tired of the adhoc lump of ColdFusion code that previously powered my old site, but the replacement software I’d been developing hit some design paralysis due to my dissatisfaction with the new site theme I’d intended to use.

The site was developed on a laptop running FreeBSD 7.2 using Vim. The version control system used was Bazaar. The database used is MySQL 5.0, though I’m updating the code so that it’s portable across both MySQL and PostgreSQL as I’m seriously considering switching over to it. I switched over to PostgreSQL ages ago.

The theme used is called Northwest. I developed the theme first about three or four years ago, but it never ended up being used. Given that it was nice, clean and fairly minimalist, I decided to recycle it for use in this site, albeit changing the preferred typeface from Perpetua to Gill Sans.

The site is hosted by Blacknight Solutions, my current employers, on a colo box that I bought on eBay. The server is a Dell PowerEdge SC1425 running FreeBSD 7.1 with 3GB of RAM and two 1TB harddrives in a RAID-1 configuration. It’s sweet!

Update: (March 17th, 2016): This hasn’t been true for a while. Lir, the server mentioned above, had a drive failure recently, so it’s currently up on blocks. I’ve moved everything over to a DigitalOcean droplet I’d been using primarily as one of my secondary DNS servers. It’s a little bit more cramped here!

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